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The Sacred Gems of Dehradun

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas and caressed by the favourable weather, Dehradun is a delightful valley. A true traveler's delight and a famous tourist destination, Dehradun has a lot to offer other than site seeing and scenic landscapes.

Besides being the 'Education Capital of India,' Dehradun is also a glutton's haven. Known for some hidden food joints and gems, we have a list of these very special places for you that you must visit when in Doon Valley to indulge in a melange of authentic flavours.

Sethi's Chole Katlambe

Sethi's Chole Katlambe is synonymous with a larger-than-life breakfast. If you're a glutton, this is definitely on your ' To-Do List' when in Dehradun. Chole Katlambe is a very hidden and rare gem that you find only in Dehradun. These flaky parathas are deep-fried and served with piping hot Chole and Onion and Pickle on the side. This is one thing about Dehradun that will hit you with the hardest nostalgia on a sunny winter morning or a rainy afternoon.

Tondon's Momos

If you know your momos well, then there is no place better than Tondon's Momos in Dehradun. A very small eating joint at Rajpur Road, these momos are a pocketful of succulent juices and stuffing that are too good to be true. With every bite you take, these momos leave you wanting for more. While planning your trip to Mussoorie, do take a halt at this precious hidden gem.

Chetan Poori Wala

Chetan Poori Wala is one of the most cherished gems of Dehradun. Located at Hanuman Chowk, you can treat yourself to the heartiest breakfast of your life at Chetan Poori Wala. With four Bedmi Kachoris, two types of Aloo Ki Sabzi, Kaddu Ki Sabzi, Chole, and Chutney, this one meal can take you to the seventh heaven.

Dwarka Store Bun Tikki

Located on a busy street of Dehradun, Dwarka Store Bun Tikki still attracts foodies from every nook and corner of the city to tickle their taste buds with crispy Aloo Tikki stuffed between soft Buns with Chutney oozing out in every bite. One can simply not miss this special highlight of Dehradun.

Sardarji Pakode Vala

While traveling to Mussoorie, take a little stop at Rajpur Pakora Shop on Rajpur Road and enjoy your favourite cup of tea with a plate of mixed vegetable pakoras. A very old eating joint in Dehradun, these fritters are incredibly delicious, especially on a rainy day.

Maggie Points

While driving to Mussoorie, what one finds besides verdant greenery and broad roads, are the Maggie Points on the way where some of which offer a breathtaking view of Dehradun City. These Maggie Points offer drool-worthy cheese and vegetable maggie that tickle your taste buds with a riot of flavours and keep hitting you with nostalgia whenever you think of a trip to Dehradun.

Shudh Chaat Bhandar

Shudh Chaat Bhandar is known to be the best chaat shop in Dehradun. Situated at Tilak Road, their Chaat Papdi is prepared with crisp and fresh ingredients, their quality is known all over the city. They also follow proper hygiene protocol while preparing your chaat.

The Buffet Eating Corner

A small eating joint at Rajpur Dehradun, The Buffet Eating Corner is famous for its Burgers, Bread Rolls and Cold Coffee. People throng this place just to try their special Bread Rolls. One can expect to eat to their heart's content at this eating joint without burning a hole in their pocket. Their service is prompt and the food is very fulfilling. Your journey to Dehradun is incomplete without paying a visit to 'The Buffet Eating Corner.'

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